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AKC Canine Good Citizen Group Series (CGC)

This is an 8 week long class that takes place on Saturdays from 12pm-12:50pm

New session will take place from March 1st - April 22nd

The cost of class is $175

Instructor/Evaluator: Kate Brown-Wing, CPDT-KA

One main goal of this and the other AKC Family Dog series offerings is for owners to develop  a happy, cooperative relationship with their dog(s). In this series, you and your dog will learn  training techniques that are reward based, effective and applicable to everyday living. Owners  and their dogs build a range of practical skills with real life distractions, along with helpful protocols to prevent common canine chaos. The CGC groups are an ideal environment for your dog to see other  

dogs, but not expect to directly engaging with them... your dog will learn to give you his/her attention and the skills and your partnership will blossom.  


Here are the canine skills introduced, practiced and then applied in CGC Test Items in the final evaluation. Please  

visit for further details about  

the CGC, Community Canine, or the Urban CGC.  


Skills: CGC Exercise Skills: 

• Sit • Walking on a loose leash  

• Down • Being ʻhandledʼ by a stranger 

• Stand • Greeting other owners and dogs 

• Stay/Ok! • Working with distractions  

• Recall/Come • ʻSupervised Separationʼ exercise  


Please join us for this series. Plan to partner with your dog as you work towards your  Canine Good Citizen Certificate. This program is offered to all dogs* (mixed breeds or  pure, 5 month pups and senior dogs). The last class in this series serves as the  Evaluation session (a short 10 minute evaluation), a passing evaluation is then mailed to the  AKC for your dogʼs CGC certification.

If you are interested in signing up for this class, please sign in to or create an account with us via ProPet using this link:

Meet the Instructor

Kate has 20+ years of experience with Dog training/education. She is a CCPDT certified trainer, an AKC/CGC evaluator, owner of Look-n-Listen Dog Training and Canine Power Partners, a service dog program.


Kate has extensive experience with puppy development and group puppy classes. All of her AKC/CGC classes and Service Dog training are based upon age/skill appropriate foundational of education for a puppy or dog, to develop a positive association with learning, to build the capacity to have impulse control, to attentively learn skills well. As a result to develop the ability to have a stable mind, cooperative and loving connections with their family and mature behaviors to make better and better life judgements.


Kate works with puppies (please see her Puppy Head Start Program), family dogs to develop basic skills and manners for greater inclusion into their families life and activities. Kate also works with dogs/owners needing assistance coping with the stresses of life and the behaviors associated with anxieties, fearfulness, sound and related sensory issues as well as dog and leash reactivity.

In all cases, her goal is to train and foster the dog to build calm behaviors, so they can enjoy life with their family with ease. For dogs that are recovering from trauma or complex histories, the end goal is the same, with setting reasonable expectations for each dog and recovery. One dog at a time, (even in group classes) the goal is for each dog to have a full enriched life, along side of their person or family. Each individual dog is encouraged to find and be themselves… with manners and a cooperative spirit.

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