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Dog Daycare

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: June 28th, 2024 is the last day we will be open for daycare. WTJ Daycare packages MUST be used before this date and will NOT transfer to Bark + Boarding. Daycare will only be open Tuesday - Friday starting May 28th. Daycare will be closed June 10th-14th. Please email or call 703-361-7550 if you would like more details about our hours in June and the transition to Bark and Boarding in July.

Our unique daycare is comprised of social dogs practicing safe, fair play behaviors in a group setting.  We encourage a calm entrance to the room to practice self control.  After completing a full day evaluation, we will recommend potential attendance moving forward from the evaluation to be able to evaluate the changing behaviors as dogs get comfortable in our daycare group. 


Manners are very important in a group setting where staff are monitoring and interacting with many dogs.  Dogs must be friendly with all sizes of dogs and the staff to safely enjoy the group play.  Through the day we encourage positive obedience and encourage games with the dogs to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.  We do not allow “dog park play” in our group and the dogs have constant supervision.


With staff members who have decades of dog care and training experience, we want the best for your pup.  We are constantly evaluating behaviors that dogs exhibit as they grow and change based on age and any home environment changes. If your dog has not attended our daycare for six months or more, we require a re-evaluation to make sure your dog continues to have a positive, safe experience in our daycare.


These are some necessary skills that we consistently utilize and practice through the day:




-RECALL (come when name is called)


We all benefit if these skills are practiced at home to help keep focus and get a dog’s attention when needed for dogs to pass their evaluation and stay in daycare.


Our evaluations are scheduled for the day and we slowly introduce dogs and toys into a small group setting, eventually graduating to the full group and activities. Some dogs need the time throughout the day to feel more confident in our group setting and make friends while other dogs acclimate very quickly.  Call ahead to check availability and set a date for the evaluation.

Here’s what your dog can enjoy at Waggin’ Tails Junction daycare


- A climate-controlled room that is over 3000 sqft.


- Cushioned, rubber flooring to reduce impact on your dog’s joints.


- Water available all day.


- Durable toys and balls are available in the room at all times.


- Equipment to climb on and cots to sleep on available in the room.


- Nap time between noon and 1pm, along with additional breaks throughout the day.


- Drop in to play Monday through Friday, once your dog has passed their evaluation.


- Constant monitoring from experienced staff members all day.


- Outdoor potty breaks every 30 minutes or more frequently.


- Consistent positive reinforcement of basic obedience commands used in daycare.


- A clean and disinfected room, water containers, bedding, and toys.




- Be over 15 pounds (our daycare is a large, active group that is not safe for dogs less than 15 pounds)

- Dogs must be at least 5 months old to be eligible for a daycare evaluation. Please inquire about other options we have for puppies if they are under 5 months old. 


- Neutered or spayed if they are over 8 months old. (if daycare is started before 8 months old, some dogs may be able to continue attending until issues arise that create an unsafe group)


- All dogs must be current on their Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza


- Show no aggression to other dogs or people


- Must allow staff to touch feet, body, collar, head and ears


- No electronic collars in the building

- All dogs must be dropped off between 7am-8am for their evaluation day and by 10am for all subsequent daycare visits.


  • Full day Evaluation with typed summary and a midday phone call with the owner: $50

  • Full day of daycare $35

  • Half day of morning daycare $20 (pick up by noon or at 1pm)



20 visits - 1 dog: $500.00

20 visits - 2 dogs: $750.00

10 visits - 1 dog: $280.00

10 visits - 2 dogs: $420.00

5 visits - 1 dog: $150.00

5 visits - 2 dogs $225.00



*All daycare passes come with one free bath and nail trim to be used during the pass. Passes expire after 365 days from purchase. We do not offer any discounts for more than two dogs. Any additional dogs must have their own separate pass purchased at the full one dog price.*

Jason B.

"My dog loves it here. Love being able to drop him off periodically when we're too busy to give him enough attention and exercise. He comes home exhausted and well behaved for a couple days."

Vicki B.

"My dogs love going to daycare and spending the day with their 'friends'. They have a fun time and are exhausted when they get home. The people there are friendly and take good care of my babies."

S. C.

"We loooove this place, they greet your puppy by their name every time... make you feel like family and best of all, you feel you can trust them with your dogs."
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