A Comprehensive Group Puppy Head Start Series

New session taking place from January 7th - March 11th

This is a 10 week long class that takes place on Saturdays from 10:30am-11:20am

For puppies age 8 weeks to 5 months

The cost of class is $225.

Instructor: Kate Brown-Wing, CPDT-KA


This is a comprehensive series for puppy owners and their pup. In this group series we introduce many basic skills, a socialization training schedule and helpful games that reinforce the foundational skills. We will learn the basic obedience skills, protocols to help manage puppy (and human) excitability, establish home practices that educate your pup of house and yard manners, learn early how the leash is a wonderful opportunity to partner with you, not drag you about.  


Here is a list of the Puppy Head Start 10 Week Series Skills, Topics and Proactive Practices to Navigate Puppyhood:


Young Puppy Basics Skills: 

• Handling exercises, preparations for the Vet and Groomer  

• Look/Focus • Sit • Down • Place  

• Wait • Stay • OK! • Trade • 4 on the Floor  

• Come-fore and Come/Recall  

• Touch nose bump Leave It 

• Walk on Leash Walking at owners side (mostly loose leash)  

• Greeting protocol- sit /calmly wait for permission to greet a person or dog.  • Long- Line skills • And MORE! Please visit the website for more details  


Natural Behaviors:… and managing your puppyʼs transitions for successful  behaviors and less frustrations  

Proofing and preventing predictable behaviors that can grow into BIG dog problems.  Learn proactive tips to manage these behaviors if/when they arise.  

• Food guarding • House training issues • Chasing- Prey drive  

• Pulling on the leash • Counter Surfing  

• Nipping- teething issues, Yelp! • Jumping- “4 on the floor”  

• Hyperactivity/or shyness • Fear aggression/reactive dogs

Topics to be covered in the sessions:  

• Puppy developmental stages  

• Attending to your young pupʼs growing needs requires a responsive plan and  scheduling to provide the following needs as your puppy grows.  

• Socialization- What is it? Why is it so important?  

• Canine Body language  

• And more! 

If you are interested in signing up for this class, please sign in to or create an account with us via ProPet using this link: https://waggintailsjunction.propetware.com/customerLogin.

Meet the Instructor

Kate has been teaching group and private puppy classes since 2007.  Teaching hundreds of puppies of many breeds and mixes with their families.  All gathering in the early months to learn the early lessons of manners, home  routines, proactive management skills, and positive associations to learning  and growing. Attending to the puppies developmental needs fosters a  healthy balanced temperament and set of behaviors.  

A certified dog trainer, Kate offers an educational, fun series that will help  you and your pup enjoy learning, help you navigate the common puppy  issues that can frustrate not just you but your pup! We set the stage of  foundational obedience skills, games and lessons that foster a willingness to  cooperate within the family and community.