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Our motto: "Love the Difference" has been our formula of care for all pets at our kennel for over 50 years. We will treat your pets as we treat our own. We all have pets and understand your anxiety about leaving your dog(s) and/or cat(s) with us while you are away.  By our providing a clean and consistent environment and adding our "Love", we know you will see the "difference".


We would not be who we are today without our amazing founder, Julie Hogan. Julie Hogan, was a personal hero to many who knew her.  She inspired the young people who worked for her, those that attended her classes, and the many that met her in the field and the ring. 

She loved volunteering for Kennel Clubs and working at Field Trials including the National Championships.  Julie gave back to the dog world by volunteering and serving as board members and officers to the Clubs she joined.  It was a great honor for her to serve as the President of the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association, the Parent club of her favorite breed.


In 1972, Julie left her profession as a Kindergarten Teacher to operate a boarding kennel in Manassas (aka Lake Jackson Kennels).  Julie started as the only employee and began educating herself, finding loving, hard working staff, and then educating the staff.  Over the next 40+ years, not only did the number of employees grow, but Julie and her staff took advantage of the ABKA educational programs, written materials, meetings and seminars that were available at the time. She took the opportunity to attend seminars on training and on-campus seminars from Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Schools in dog care, behavior, and diseases.  With each dog that she owned, Julie used every opportunity to educate herself and her staff.  Julie’s constant devotion to her business, her employees, her clientele and their pets could be seen in the example she set.


Early in her career of working with her Springers in 1970, Julie competed in Obedience trials and in the Conformation ring.  However the Springer’s amazing nose soon got her involved in Tracking Tests.  It was here that Julie began to appreciate the dog’s capacity to use their nose.  Julie and her friend, Donna cultivated the tracking dog in their English Springer Spaniel and moved forward in teaching others to start and to progress with tracking their dogs.  She later used her knowledge of scent detection and applied it to Field Trials and Hunt Tests with her Springers and then much later for K9 Nose Work.  Julie loved the English Springer Spaniel, and she strived to breed dogs free of genetic problems.  She loved and bred the Springer to do the job they were bred to do and to use their brains!  She had great influence across the county in the breeding, training, and the working standards of English Springer Spaniels.  Many times Julie and Donna achieved the goal of having a beautiful dog that was structurally sound with superior intelligence in their breeding program.  They had some great dogs to show them the way and set high standards for others to follow in their footsteps with an amazing number of National and International titles in Conformation, Therapy Dog, Obedience, Utility, Tracking, Agility, Rally, Hunt Tests and Field Trials.  The most important aspect to Julie was producing a dog that would be a good family member. 


As many of you know, Julie’s motto at Lake Jackson Kennels was “to love the difference.”  We love the difference she made in all of our lives and we will never forget her.

Our Team

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Our Team
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