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Dog Boarding

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are not accepting any new clients for boarding or daycare. For current clients, we are only accepting a very small number of reservations through the end of June due to limited staffing. After June we will be closed. Our online portal can no longer be used to make reservation requests. If you would like to check availability for specific dates, please give us a call at 703-361-7550. Thank you!

Experience through the years has taught us that just like people, different pets have different needs. Your pet will have many choices in accommodations here at Waggin' Tails Junction. Your pet's age, activity level, overall health, and personality will help select the best accommodation for it’s visit. Read more to find our more about all the boarding options you can choose from. Reservations are required!

Standard Dog Boarding Kennels:

Our boarding kennels cater to dogs of all sizes with ample space to move around. There are lower-level and upper-level kennels of various sizes that can accommodate 1, 2, or even 3 dogs staying together!

Included in a standard boarding stay:

  • An elevated cot or platform with bedding. Your pet may not bring their own bedding from home but may bring their toys or bones along.

  • Visits to a private yard at least three times each day where they have time to explore and interact with our team members.

  • Food bowls for their meals and water buckets that are refreshed throughout the day.

  • Complimentary administration of prescribed medications added to the dog’s food. (Other medications, such as eye drops, ear drops/cleaning, teeth cleaning, and insulin injections are subject to an additional charge). *Charges may be incurred for more than two non-prescribed food additives*

  • We encourage you to bring your own food and treats from home, especially if your dog is on a special diet or has allergies. We do keep Kirkland dog food in stock to give to your dog if you do not bring food from home. This food contains either Lamb or Chicken as the first ingredient and is grain inclusive. 

  • All kennels are disinfected every morning along with additional cleanings as needed throughout the day.

  • Complimentary bath for dogs who stay with us for seven or more days.

Senior Boarding Kennels:

Senior boarding kennels are for dogs who are 10 years or older. We offer special senior boarding accommodations at no extra charge. All our senior pooches get everything included in a standard boarding stay, but with added comfort. They will have extra padding to support their joints as well as more layers of bedding to help keep them as comfy as possible. They will also be staying in the portion of our kennel that is closest to our outdoor yards, so they will not have to walk as far. All our team members are trained in handling older dogs, including ones that are blind, deaf, or may need a little extra help getting around.


Standard Boarding Rates

Cats - $25.00

Toy (less than 10 lbs) - $32.00

Small (10-25 lbs) - $35.00

Medium (26-45 lbs) - $38.00

Large (46-85 lbs) - $41.00

Extra-Large (86-100 lbs) - $43.00

Giant (100-115 lbs) - $45.00

Huge (over 115 lbs) - $47.00

Day boarding (Monday-Friday) - $35.00

*You are charged for the day you drop off no matter what time it is. Checkout is 11.00am so you will not be charged for that day if you pick up before 11:00am. After 11:00am, an afternoon pick-up fee will be added.

*Additional fees will be applied for intact male dogs and in-season female dogs due to the extra precautions that we must take.


Additional Boarding Services

Injections or Ear/Eye meds - $3.00 per application

Playtime with Picture - $7.00 each

Extra Potty Break - $3.00 each

Enrichment Treat Toy - $5.00 each

Full Day Daycare While Boarding - $15.00 per day

Half Day Daycare While Boarding - $10.00 per day


Grooming Services for Dogs

Nail Trim - $15.00 - $20.00

Toy Size Bath - $20.00

Small Size Bath - $24.00

Medium Size Bath - $28.00

Large Size Bath - $32.00

Extra-Large Size Bath - $36.00

Giant Size Bath - $40.00

Huge Size Bath - $44.00

*We reserve the right to adjust all prices at any time. Price is not guaranteed at time of booking but an estimation can be provided.

Huge Size Bath - $44.00

Check out our Boarding Pictures!

Standard and Deluxe Suites:

Our high quality suites are the perfect place for dogs who want a little extra pampering while they stay with us. Your dogs will get everything included in a standard boarding stay plus more! The suites are in a quieter part of the building, which is great for dogs who may be a little nervous about boarding. They are spacious and are stocked with luxury bedding to ensure your dog’s comfort. Daily playtime with a picture along with additional pampering are included when you book a suite.

  • Standard suites ($20 per day (per dog), in addition to the standard rate): Standard suites are for individual dogs who are under 35lbs or for two dog who have a combined weight under 35lbs. They are 6’x 4’ in size.

  • Deluxe suites ($22 per day (per dog), in addition to the standard rate): Deluxe suites are for all dogs and can be booked for multiple dogs in the same family. Most of the deluxe suites are 6’x 6’and are meant for dogs boarding alone or two medium sized dogs boarding together. Two of our deluxe suites are 6’x 8’ and are used for large dogs boarding together or for giant dogs.


*Please note that any dog may be removed from a suite and moved to a standard kennel if they exhibit destructive behavior. A dog will still receive daily pampered pet and playtime if they have been removed from a suite. Charges will be adjusted accordingly. Please inquire with a team member to determine whether a suite would be a good fit for your dog.

Cat Boarding

Do you have a feline friend in need of a place to stay while you are away? We have a private room dedicated just to kitties where they can relax. Each cat gets their own enclosure within the room with all the necessities just for $25 per day. Only one cat per enclosure - we are unable to board more than one cat in an enclosure (no exceptions). We encourage you to bring your own food from home. We can administer medications for cats (may be subject to an additional charge). We also provide litter boxes, bedding, and toys. We ask that you do not bring their bedding from home. Some cats may be uncomfortable with change, so we do everything we can to keep them as happy as possible during their stay.

Rachel B.

"Only place I trust with my pets. Our family has boarded our pets with them for 30 years. Moved out of the Manassas area a few years back, but still make the drive in to board my pets at Waggin' Tails. Very clean facility with ample space and amenities for pets. Staff is always friendly, professional, honest, and knowledgeable. Highest quality care at an affordable price."

Chad M.

"Waggin Tails is the only place I consider boarding my pets in this region, and I've been a customer since 2014. I've always had positive experiences with Jessica and her team, and Angie has helped me train and teach manners to 2 of my 3 pups (3rd pup is 13 yrs old and a lost cause on manners...we tried!). The WT team know the needs and quirks for each of my dogs, and accommodate each of them to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Very reasonably priced, customer service is great, and my dogs absolutely love going to Waggin Tails. 5 stars, all around!"

Samantha C.

"The folks at Waggin Tails treat your pets like their own. My dogs love going to daycare and don't give a second glance when going back for boarding. WT took amazing care of our cats while we lived in a hotel for a couple months. I can't say enough good things about the wonderful, caring staff."
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