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Training Workshops
with Kate Brown-Wing, CPDT-KA



New "Game night" taking place once per month on Friday evenings!

(Starting July 21st, 2023, 6:30pm-8pm) 

Pre-Requisites: This is for dogs who have already completed the CGC class. Dogs should be manageable with other dogs who are in close proximity (2-3 feet or closer). Owners should have good leash skills and the capacity to read their dog's body language.

Cost: $25 per dog per evening

Games for dogs with their owners to practice skills on the fly, freshen up training practices, and enjoy playing games with your Fur-st mate. These edu-games are intended to add variety of environmental elements to skill practice and delivery. Providing a range of distractions, changing paces, and engaging many of your dog's senses with variable durations. All are wonderful opportunities for developing your dog's mental endurance and focus. 

All dogs must be on leash and under control at all times. The games are positive practice events. No harsh, loud language or handling techniques or equipment are permitted on the premises.

Make this a fun monthly "date night" with your dog to train and play! Registration for this will be handled by the trainer. If you are interested in participating, please email Kate at

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